The first step towards empowerment and improving the living conditions is to enhance the self-esteem and self-image making women less vulnerable. Restored confidence and pride are essentials towards sustainable livelihood and the ability to participate in social life freely, living with dignity, and recognizing the real value of life.


The atmosphere of mutual trust is a core to help women to receive our services and develop the lost ability to establish trust relationships. Through our services, we have gained the trust of the community and have been able to reach out to women to change their lives for good.

We are able to assist those seeking to improve their present life situation and reach out to the women because they trust us. Building this 'trusting relationship' is very important because many of the women have been deceived and have difficulty trusting anyone. Through our services, we have gained their trust and we have been able to reach out to them in a positive way


Language courses

Language learning programs are taught by international volunteers coming from all over the world to Pattaya to join our volunteer abroad programs for 3 months to 2 years. We are gifted to be supported by young and enthusiastic volunteers who also become excellent ambassadors for our work once they finish the program, gain valuable experience and return to their country of origin.

English Courses | English is one of the most spoken languages worldwide and having to work in the tourist industry, women are required to have proficiency in English with good speaking skills.

Also, being able to express themselves in English and having the ability to access the information about rights and equality, women become more protected from being exploited or manipulated, suffering abuse or violence in their daily life or work.

German Courses |Pattaya is a popular destination for german speaking tourists and ex-pats who come to develop businesses in the tourism and/or service spheres. German courses provided at the center will help women to express themselves freely both at the workplace and in daily life.

Also, according to the German legislation, one of the main requirements for a marriage visa application to become a German citizen is the ability to pass the German language exam at Goethe Institute in Bangkok.

French Courses |

Chinese Courses |

Thai Courses |Some women attending our courses are immigrants from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Many of them had no opportunity to have any education, they struggle with writing, reading, and speaking in Thai fluently which becomes the main obstacle for them to get Thai citizenship and be able to leave active social life.

Vocational training 

Hairdressing Course is a great opportunity to get life skills that will secure a stable income.

Traditional Thai Massage Course provides a great opportunity for earning income not only in Thailand but also abroad. Traditional Thai Massage treatment is well known for its health benefits among both locals and international communities in Thailand and worldwide.

Aromatherapy, aqua therapy, oil body, and face massage - these are popular parts of the rapidly growing health and wellness industry., 

Jewelry Making Course can be attended at our center to get a valuable skill of how to create hand made jewelry from semi-precious stones and silver - what can become a good source of income to secure financial stability. 

Health Education 

Health education through talks, visual aids, and pamphlets on current issues such as HIV/AIDS, blood tests are provided. Students can health attend the specialist on request. 


The need to cope with daily stress makes counseling a necessity for women coming to the Centre, as it helps to reveal psychological tension and significantly improves the emotional condition.

Individual and group counseling

Spiritual empowerment

Meditation and group therapy

Celebrating the Buddhist Lent

Cultural awareness

Singing and music

Moral education (ethic values)


Child Care services for destitute children provide school fees, uniforms, and food supplements for children from poor families who are eligible to go to government schools.

Social assistance in rental payments, travel expenses to visit sick relatives, etc. Information service regarding visas, going abroad, education for themselves or their children, etc. Translation of letters and help to fill in forms

Legal consulting for women regarding their legal rights. This service is mostly used in cases of mixed marriages. Emergency services for acute situations.


Gender equality | Having no access to the knowledge of basic rights and due to the gender inequality issues, women became vulnerable to abuse at criminal and slum areas, at work, and even at home entering unhealthy relationships and being exploited. The program empowers women by teaching them gender equality right.

Trafficking | Thailand is one of the receiving and sending countries for trafficking. This is a profound human rights abuse and women are particularly vulnerable due to social and economic inequalities and lack of educational opportunities they face. We make women aware of this abuse and help those who have managed to escape from it.